Webster’s defines tolerance as the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.  Sadly this has become a lost art for the Millennial generation.

    I am not sure it where the new way of thinking began, but currently  the millennial generation is showing their definition of tolerance is something far different.  It is being projected as  the ability to tolerate someone as long as they agree with them.  

    Obviously this is not true tolerance.  It would appear the ability to offend one of these gentle snowflakes is far far too easy.  The very ability of freedom of speech is being challenged on a daily basis.  The creation of safe zones on our campuses across the country is living proof of that.

    Civil discourse is being replaced by yelling and screaming.  Unfortunately our college professors and our politicians are doing little to change this way of thinking.  True tolerance comes from being able to accept different opinions from your own.  Some of the greatest legislation ever developed over the century from compromise.

    We as parents need to teach our children as much as we can tolerance includes various religious ideas,  gender identities, and sometimes offensive language.  People have the right to say what they want it is one of the greatest freedoms we have in this country.  Occasionally many would find that if we were able to tolerate different opinions from our own we may learn something that will enhance our way of life.

    Tolerance does not mean agreement.  I believe this is where we have lost some of our belief system.  There are tons of odd opinions and strange ideas that are out there.  We do not have to agree with them but people have that right to say or believe however they wish to do so.   

    Every time we turn on the news it appears that our petulant millennials are being offended by someone or something.  Life is not fair and in reality sheltering our children has the opposite effect we want.  It makes them become selfish and not tolerant of other ideas or opinions.  The young millennials leading our business world have proven this time and time again.  

    Tolerance when done correctly makes us human.  It allows us to respect others and view everyone as an individual.   Not to scare anyone but lack of tolerance has lead to Stalin, Hitler and Mao.  Having the belief that my opinion and ideas are always right and those who disagree with me are always wrong leads to disaster.

    The dialogue being taught in schools and on the news needs to be changed to reflect the real definition of tolerance.  Respecting others opinions, listening to what is being said even if you disagree that is true tolerance.

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